Low-Carb Diet Plan Principles & Benefits

A low-carb diet plan can help burn fat in a short term and may be effective in changing your lifestyle in the long term. A diet low in carbohydrates is suitable for all those who wish to burn fat and define their body thanks to custom recipes. A personalized diet low in carbohydrates allows fast weight loss, but also bodybuilding using a custom keto diet.

We’ll show you which recipes and foods can incorporate a low-carb diet plan, why bread should not be removed without being replaced, and what alternatives to potatoes and other starchy foods. With a typical day light and 8 principles to follow for the composition of a food program low in carbohydrates.

The benefits of a low-carb diet?

“Carbs” means carbohydrates and they, together with fats, are our main source of energy. Low-carb diets aim to burn fat, which is why the amount of carbohydrate is deliberately reduced in your meals. Carbohydrates in your recipes have a big influence on body fat: When the body gets more than it needs, it stores the excess carbohydrate as a fat reserve in anticipation of possible periods of deficiency.

Low-carb diets are based on the simple idea of ​​avoiding carbohydrates, such as simple carbohydrates from white flour and sugar products. These cause the insulin level to skyrocket, which prevents the burning of fat and promotes the storage of energy in this form.

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By following a personalized ketogenic diet, reducing carbohydrate intake as part of a low carbohydrate diet plan keeps insulin levels low and allows the body to turn fat into energy. Pauses of between three and five hours between meals also optimize the metabolism of fats when you are following your custom diet plan.

Benefits of reducing carbohydrates

  • Optimization of macronutrient content
  • Constant blood sugar
  • Burning fat faster

A low carbohydrate food program is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to burn fat. It contributes to weight loss and supports those who practice strength sport in the definition phases.

Our advice

Do you want to eat a carbohydrate-free diet plan and avoid the yo-yo effect? Can you adopt this regime in a sustainable way? So it is important to focus on good fats, high quality protein and maintain a healthy and balanced diet plan in general. Our low-carb products can help you reach your goals. Let yourself be convinced!

Preliminary Thoughts on the Low-Carb Food Program

Defining the goal is the starting point for any food program. Before creating a low-carb food program, it is important to think carefully about your goal to ensure optimal success.

  • Do you want to have a nice body for the next competition or beach vacation and quickly lose a few pounds? In this case, strict adherence to a low carbohydrate food program is the number one priority. It also means avoiding all forms of cereals and, in the case of vegetables, selecting those with the lowest carbohydrate.

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Additional cardio sessions and a daily calorie deficit of about 300 to 400 kcal are recommended. In case of rapid return to a normal diet, the yoyo effect is ensured. To avoid this, increase the amount of carbohydrates and the total amount of calories after the diet very slowly.

  • If the goal is a long-term diet plan change or fat metabolism optimization, it’s a good idea to establish a low-carb diet plan that fits your eating habits and lifestyle. So first of all, think about the foods you can not do without and how your diet plan can be distributed over the day.

Is it a long-term solution to give up bread? If so, what low-carb alternatives do you think fit your lifestyle?

The 8 principles of a diet low in carbohydrates

1. Drink enough

Not only essential for the metabolic processes of our body, water also prevents cravings. It often happens that the brain sends the “hungry” signal, whereas it means “thirsty”.

2. Take enough protein

Protein satiates sustainably and is essential for building and maintaining muscles. Those who reduce their caloric content must in particular bring enough protein to the muscles to preserve them from melting. According to Low-Carb Diet instructions, the rule of thumb is 2 to 4 grams of protein per pound of body weight – depending on the amount of time spent on the sport and the amount of muscle mass to be retained. And for those who fail to meet their daily dietary needs, protein shakes are a suitable low carbohydrate intake.

If you have decided to lose some weight by following a low-carb diet plan, Custom Keto Diet is the perfect weight loss system because it is personalized according to your body. And for it to be as good as a real meal plan, you can garnish it with fresh fruit, cottage cheese, chia seeds or nuts.

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