Personalized Keto Diet Plan – Lose Weight While Eating!

You always thought that to lose weight you don’t need a custom diet plan, but you have just to fast? Have you ever tried a personalized diet plan with eating only vegetable soup for several days, without getting any results? It may seem absurd, but the secret to losing weight is not to eat less, but to eat better!

The Custom Keto Diet Plan offers a serious and effective solution to overweight problems, by developing menus adapted to each physical typology. Keep reading to discover all the secrets of The Personalized KetoGenic Diet!

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There is no better diet, there are only adapted diets! Indeed, if you are obsessed with balance, stressed or defeat, you will not follow the same slimming program. Your personality and lifestyle must be taken into account in order to follow a program and lose weight sustainably. Find out who you are and what type of personalized diet is the right one for you.

How should I calculate my personalized KetoGenic Diet Plan?

Personalized Keto dieting is a diet calibrated to individual and specific requirements.

The calculation of a personalized diet plan allows to individuate the correct ideal weight, that is to say the weight which allows the user to appreciate his body and feel in top form. The important parameters are: weight, height, sex, age, lifestyle and eating habits. The Personalized Keto diet provides the creation of healthy and balanced menus, useful to achieve the ideal weight and at the same time, to improve the state of health of the own physique.

Attention to weight form

How to assess the state of health of your body? The best way to do this is to calculate your own ideal weight. A correct ideal weight guarantees the functionality of our organs and ensures a long and healthy life.

The ideal body weight corresponds to a suggestive value that varies from person to person, according to his stature, sex, physical constitution, age, training and health status.

To calculate it, it is necessary to relate weight (expressed in kg) to height, dividing weight by height squared. Such an individual formula is the Body Mass Index, which generally varies between 18.5 and 24.9.

The Custom Keto Diet Plan: what are the benefits?

The benefits of a diet plan calculated in relation to the requirements are multiple:

  • Rapid weight loss, without excessive effort
  • Reduction of overweight and contrast of obesity
  • Improvement of sports benefits
  • Improved mental benefits
  • Reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides, resulting in improved health conditions
  • Improvement of arterial hypertension and metabolism
  • Education to correct relationship with food, to guarantee a balanced and energetic meal

Why Choosing Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Custom KtoGenic Diet is the effective solution to weight problems. The user can act himself without expert doctors or biologists. He will learn about the properties of the food and how to use it properly, to gain benefits in terms of weight, energy and vitality.

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When we talk about weight loss, physical activity is usually associated with diet, but in many cases the activity is not necessarily obvious especially in the case of a professional activity. Regardless of the intensity of physical activity that one could practice, it will better protect against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and mainly obesity.

The personalized Keto Diet Plan, which is divided into two phases, provides for the creation of custom diets and menus calculated for each requirement.

  • Custom Keto Diet team is in charge of preparing the diet with respect to weight and anthropometric measurements, which are communicated online. The results visible immediately, are the contrast between bad eating habits and the removal of impurities from the body.
  • Customization of foodstuff needs : this is the most important Pros of Custom Keto Diet Plan, it provides a full guide and useful method to maintain forever the results achieved.
  • A personalized Ketogenic Diet offers a food education thought and developed for the requirements of the user, it allows him to manage his own meals independently, with attention and forever.

Are you looking for a diet that’s right for you? Have you tried several, without result?

Put Custom Keto Diet Team to the proof! They will always be at your disposal and it will help you fight the extra pounds, forever!

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